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Robbins is a perfect poet for right now: mean, shrewd, brusque and rude. Totally necessary. Emily Gould, Paper
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Nice review of The Second Sex in Booklist, not that you can read it online. In part:

Robbins’ first book of poems, Alien vs. Predator (2012), captured a large audience with its young, fresh voice rich in nuance, melancholy, and audacity. His second title possesses even more attitude, more self-deprecation, more wisdom. The book is rock ’n’ roll, political and not, timely, and lyrical. These 36 poems reveal Robbins’ critical eye as he takes in the peripheral and delivers tough revelations. “Sonnets to Edward Snowden,” which addresses the complex query “Who is the United States?”, is a standout.

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Shannon McArdle, formerly of the Mendoza Line (one of my favorite bands), has made a song of my poem "Country Music," to be included on her forthcoming album, A Touch of Class. Proud to premiere it here.

"Country Music"

Engineered by Clint Newman. Masterfully performed by Clint Newman (guitar, drums, shaker) and Bob van Pelt (bass). Interpreted and performed by Shannon McArdle, Shandelion Music (BMI).

lyrics by Michael Robbins

(N.B. The poem, as it appears online at The New Yorker, is misprinted without stanza breaks. It should appear in quatrains.)

© Shannon McArdle & Shandelion Music
lyrics © Michael Robbins

Sunday, July 6, 2014
From behind the paywall, the little bark of my wit now lifts her sails

From behind the paywall, the little bark of my wit now lifts her sails

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